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August 09, 2009


Dear CF,

I have no words to express my gratitude. I thought I understood the images, I believed that his words could not have been very different from what goes through my mind each time I read about disparate incidents and see such images. How wrong I was.

Can one call this a beautiful song? Yes I am beginning to understand what you meant by not translatable, I am glad and touched by this effort, this gesture.



Of course. When you say, "I understood the images," somehow I think you are not referring to the images in the video shoot. Or are you? Can you speak more? I am curious to know what were your expectations of the images. The images in the video are a somewhat straightforward visual transliteration of the song verses, and this appears to be a real footage, not a staged one.



Transliteration? Are they? I thought the words would refer to the searing pain of severed limbs, that they were describing the horror of lost livelihoods that depend on those very limbs. I thought the bride was a newly widowed woman. I thought it was revenge and manipulated group fights.
I did not realize it was a linear story of master and slave. With the slave exposing the brutality of the master, by enumerating the way he carries out the master’s orders.

The primal need to protect child, wife, brother and property by a human is not referred to by its loss but by its control in the whims and wishes of the oppressor. This ‘Job’ does not wonder why God is testing him. This Job knows the corruptness and egotism of power that makes God who he is. This song will only terrorize God not please him as he forever is made to face the mirror that Job holds up for him to introspect, which he will not. And violence of life continues endlessly. You were perfectly right. this story telling is Biblical in its subtlety and restrained intensities.


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